How to Create a Account & Add a Address

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In today's post we discuss about How to Create a Account and Add a Address with God Father LTD. so let's get started.

Firstly we need to understand that why Account Creation is Important?

Creation of Account is much important because we need the basic details of yours if you want to purchase anything from us. Basic details are so important. I hope you understand.

What details we need for Account Creation ?

  • Last Name
  • Password

Then click on Create and Fill reCAPTCHA for verification then click on Submit.

Congratulations you've the process of Account opening.

Now further process is Address.

Address is very much important without address we are not able to Delivery your Product at your door step.

How to add Address?

  • Click on your Profile Section of Account
  • Then click on view address section, This option is available below the section of Account Details.
  • Then click on Add a New Address.

What details  we need for Address?

  • Company (Optional)
  • City
  • Province
Click on Set as default address if you want your address to be set as default. You can check all the celebration item's from our Home Page and Catalogue Page as well.
Hope you understand the details about How to Create a Account and Add a Address.

We believe in quality and will definitely provide it.

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